Ashley Morgan

Ashley Morgan Designs is a San Francisco-based jewelry design company. Ashley Berman, the creative brilliance behind the growing studio, uses her ability to evoke emotion from jewelry to craft pieces of art that are both reflective of individual style as well as the embodiment of personal histories.

Ashley’s designs are intended for individuals who wish to express their own unique spirit and beauty. As opposed to fleeting trends, Ashley draws her inspiration from her clients’ stories, traditions, and cultures, as well as the natural world, to create her personalized designs.

Jewelry, to Ashley, is more than just art, more than just fashion. Each piece of jewelry tells a story. It has a meaning and a purpose. Jewelry is generational; it is a living reflection of the times and captures the personality and essence of the person wearing it. Perhaps the piece was from a loved one, for a loved one, or reminiscent of a loved one. Regardless, it evokes emotion and captures sentiment that goes beyond day-to-day reality.

Ashley’s ability to imbue her jewelry with passion stems from her gift of translating very real experiences into wearable objects d’art. Each piece is an irreplaceable reflection of someone’s life – a one-of-a-kind gem.

Ashley’s attention to design starts by using natural stones and only the most elegant of metals. Carefully hand selecting each stone for its natural appearance, Ashley loves how the organic shapes and colors reflect other forms in nature to further tell a story. Whether creating a diamond-slice earring, or setting a rose-cut tourmaline, Ashley finds exceptional ways to highlight the beauty and individuality of each piece of her handcrafted jewelry. Together, her pieces form a collection that is inspired by the romance of exotic locales, the rich history behind each stone and the inspiring stories of those who wear them.

As a trained goldsmith, Ashley challenges the status quo. She leverages traditional techniques to ensure that all of her unique designs reflect the beauty and confidence of the people they adorn.

Ashley Morgan Designs is located in the Union Square district, in the heart of San Francisco.