MARIN MOMENTS | Equator Coffee

Equator 6.jpg

Marin County is brimming with a fussy coffee culture, but there’s more to coffee then just great brews.  Among the best of the best is Equator Coffee and Teas, a place to cherish if you value expert coffee brewing and specialty teas.

There are five Equator Coffee and Tea locations dotted around Marin and lucky me to have one only a few steps away from my store in Larkspur.  A steady stream of Marinite’s, including myself, keep this little treasure buzzing – and it is easy to see why.

At the bar, they offer Iced Espresso Shakerato and a rotating selection of Single Origin Espressos and Pour Over Coffee made by truly skilled and passionate baristas.  If you happen to be a fusspot about coffee like myself, then you'll appreciate the rich, smooth, and deliciousness Equator has to offer.   

Food is simple, high quality, and grab and go.  Their breakfast and lunch menu offers sandwiches and wraps, seasonal yogurt parfaits, cheese and fresh cooked cold meat boxes, salads, and indulgent pastries. 

But let’s not stop here, Equator has many more interesting secrets to discover, but I leave it to you to uncover them for yourself.