We all strive to work hard towards our health and well being by finding the right balance of nutrition, exercise, and TLC.  After all we can’t always fight the march of time especially when we are powering through a busy day, right?  Every person is different though and requires a different eating plan to stay healthy.

As a busy wife and mom of two I try to stay focused on my health.  One way I get the nutrient boost I need is to head straight over to Urban Remedy, which just happens to be only a few steps away from my store.  Lucky me.

Urban Remedy offers a wholesome line of raw, ready-to-eat snacks, meals, dreamy desserts, premium cold-pressed juices and energy boosting tinctures packed with a whole lot of goodness all designed to give us the complete, nutrient rich, revitalizing boost we need.  This cozy hot spot is super clean, inviting, and the service is outstanding. Allie, the manager, is very special. She is customer conscious, gracious, always welcomes you with a smile, and knows the products line very well. Thank you so much Allie.

With so many incredible items to choose from my choices vary.  Favored for lunch is their Loch Duart Salmon along with one of their zesty salads, but what benefits me the most is their low-glycemic Slender Greens juice along with their plant-based Protein Bar.  I drink and eat them every day. 

Maintaining good health doesn’t happen by accident.  It requires smart lifestyle choices and one reason I choose Urban Remedy as part of my personal wellness journey.