Blending a passion for world travel and design with her background in graphic arts, interior design and corporate branding and marketing Renee Sheppard launched her captivating jewelry line in 2010.

In the spirit of her vision Renee created a line of fine fashion jewelry combining exquisite black and white pave diamonds, oxidized sterling silver, gold, and natural stone beads selected from around the world for a look that can be worn every day, for any occasion, by every woman.

There is no mistaking a Renee Sheppard piece. Each design is hand drawn in an extensive process that allows the natural aesthetic of the elements to reveal themselves.

Enter Frances Felix, Renee’s Mom. Imbedded in her creative DNA, Frances has spent a lifetime blending her artistic passion in the art of interior design, porcelain restoration, sculpting, and painting. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. In 2013 Frances joined Renee in bringing inspirational fine fashion jewelry design ideas to the table. Collaboratively they brought different elements of design into each gorgeous and timeless piece. Renee feels blessed to have such an incredible mom working with her. The strong bond between them is part of the spirit that goes into their amazing designs.